Can I refinish my worn stone countertop/ floor myself?

For a typical homeowner, refinishing worn stone surfaces themselves may be possible for small areas depending on their skill level but for larger areas, it would be difficult as professional equipment is required. The various materials required for the job have to be correct otherwise you could end up with a worse outcome, costing more to remedy by the professionals. For an average homeowner to do spot polishing job and achieve a factory finish so as to match the rest of the surfaces would not be easy.

Is the restoration/ refinishing process going to be dusty?

No, our restoration / refinishing process is a wet one so that there is no airborne dust.

Can you fix my uneven stone floor to make it more level?

Yes, we can do that for you although it requires much more work because we will have to grind down the high points (lippages) before polishing.

Will my baseboards get damaged by the refinishing/polishing works?

No, we take protective measures and exercise caution when working close to the edge.

Does refinishing/polishing produce awful smells?

No, it is an odorless process.

Is refinishing/polishing process noisy?

No, the equipment used produce only a low humming noise.

How often should I be sealing Natural Stone?

The purpose of sealing natural stone is to reduce chances of staining. Therefore, high usage areas which are prone to spillage accidents should be sealed more frequently like half yearly to annually depending on owner’s budget. Examples of high usage areas are bathrooms, shower stalls, foyers and mudrooms.

How is the job charged?

Stone restoration jobs are usually charged by the job. Pricing of each job is impacted by many factors such as size of the job, site obstacles/ constrain, travel distance, type of stone, current surface condition.

What to expect of the outcome?

You can expect your stone surface to look like new after refinishing and we will provide you with care and maintenance advice.