7 Hardwood Indoor Floors Maintenance Tips

17 August 2021by Cornerstone-wpadm

7 Hardwood Indoor Floors Maintenance Tips
The aesthetic essence of your house lies in the furniture and aspects you incorporate into the house. Whether it is just installing the hardwood floors or properly repairing them, the house can only appeal to attractiveness if it is maintained properly. The first thing you need to take care of is that you need to repair, maintain and protect your floors, tiles, and other flooring options.

7 Steps to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Up to Date

  • Sweep, Dust, and Vacuum the hardwood floors efficiently. Make sure to attach the right adapter for the hardwood floor to avoid scratching.
  • Make use of the Right Cloth– Prefer using a Microfiber cloth to clean the floors. Avoid using steel wool, harsh brushes, scrubs, scouring powders, or even abrasive cleaners or a buffing machine.
  • Use the Right Cleaner– Choosing the right cleaner for your flooring depends upon the hardwood floor and the engineering you had it done on them.
  • WIpe Up Spilled Water As Soon As Possible. So, when you have spilled water on the hardwood floor, make it a promise to clean it immediately or it will leave a mark or stain on it. And, the surface finished hardwood can even experience damages that are irreversible.
  • Don’t Mop too harshly and with too much water– Mopping with too much water can damage the hardwood floor as the excess water seeps into the floor. This causes the swelling and warping of the floor, after all, it is wood.
  • Use Entry Mats and Floor Protectors too– If you have hardwood flooring in the high foot traffic area, make sure to use mats and floor protectors to maintain the lifespan of the flooring.
  • Rearrange your furniture periodically– Let the entire floor share the load of the furniture by redirecting the traffic every time you move furniture around.

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