Which is better- Marble or Tiles?

9 September 2021by Cornerstone-wpadm

Which is better- Marble or Tiles?
Marbles and Tiles have been the top two choices for house owners! Which one of them do you think is better and advantageous to the house owners? Let us find out which is better.


If you or any one of the house members is prone to allergies, then the best option for you is Marbles. It minimizes the risk of allergies. This is because the tiles seem to have thicker grout lines in between that can easily invite dust and dirt. Thus, the allergen can stay in the grout for as long as it is not cleaned.

Germs and Microbes

If you have properly sealed the marble with the right coating, then the germs and microbes will not be able to survive on the floor. Thus, for preventing the dwelling of germs and microbes in your house, marble is the choice. The tiles have grouts that leave a possible option for the dirt to sit on for days. Use the perfect cleanser for marbles as required.

Joint Stress and Pain

Did you know that the vitrified tiles are the reason for a stress on your joints? It is not only true for humans but also for pets. Furthermore, marble is a natural and softer material compared to tiles. Moreover, the marble tends to remain cool, thus, it is perfect for the warmer climates. You can have the desired finish on your marble for a sophisticated and smooth look but prevent accidents.

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