Does the Granite Kitchen Countertops chip easily?

18 October 2021by Cornerstone-wpadm

Does the Granite Kitchen Countertops chip easily?
Wondering whether the granite countertops can chip easily? Of course, they do not. Granite is considered one of the toughest materials when it comes to installing countertops. They are thick enough and last really long if you take good care of them. Once you handle the countertops efficiently, you do not need to worry about them chipping off!

However, even though the countertops of granite are really tough, too much pressure on them can end up causing a chip. Generally, proper maintenance prevents any chipping of the granite countertops. Yet, here are some of the preventive measures for the house owners for the perfect granite countertop.

Seal the countertop

Once you install the countertop, you need to seal it. This will prevent a lot of trouble with the granite countertop. It prevents the stains and prevents the chip on the surface. Get the best quality sealer for the granite countertops. If needed, you can apply multiple layers to make sure that the surface is well protected.

Clean the countertop

When the countertops are clean, it is easier to notice any faults on the granite. Thus, the damages on the surfaces can be seen and treated with the best approach. You can also get rid of the scratching and etching on the granite countertops.

Make use of bendable trivets

Putting the hot pans and pots on the countertop directly leads to damage to the surface. Therefore, you need to use the trivets to make sure that no hot utensils are put up on the granite countertops. Even more so, make using the trivets a habit- no matter whether the utensil is hot or cold.

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