How to bring back the shine to Granite Countertops?

How to bring back the shine to Granite Countertops?
Have you installed granite countertops in your kitchen? But, has it lost its shine over time? Well, this is common with the environment that it is exposed to. Coming in contact with the diverse acidic substances, the surfaces become dull and appear a lot faded.

And, a faded countertop can not give your house the aesthetic look you always wanted. The shine is lost and thus the feel of the countertops. You are working hard on every other aspect to keep the house really glamorous and appealing to every eye. But, this granite countertop is just making it difficult. Well here are some of the easiest ways to keep the granite countertops tip top!

Use polishing Powder

Does the countertop have grease or marks or even mild etching because of the acids in the foods? You can remove them by using a tougher ingredient that is polishing powder. Buy a natural polishing powder for the countertops and mix it with water to make a paste. Then use a soft cloth to remove the stains and the marks from the surface.

Treat with Acetone

If you do not want to go for polishing powders for their capabilities to etch the surface, then you may choose acetone to help you get rid of the stains. It will help you get rid of oil stains, grease, soap scums, or thicker residues. Acetone is really efficient at treating the stubborn stains and marks that make the thicker grease dissolve. After scrubbing and wiping off countertops, make sure to rinse the countertop with plain water.

Reseal the countertops

If the countertops are really etched, then it is p[erhaps due to the acidic substances., if you face such issues, then you may refinish or re-polish the faded areas. As the granite is hard, you need to work upon them.

If you find that the countertops are really damaged or you are looking to change them as you are renovating your house, then call up a professional. Contact the Corner Stone Refinishing today. The professionals are experts and experienced at treating all kinds of surfaces with utmost efficiency and in-time services.