Pro Tips While Shopping For Marble

5 January 2022by Cornerstone-wpadm

Pro Tips While Shopping For Marble
What is the most amazing thing about marble? Its shine and attraction. After getting install this beautiful stone in your space, you and your relatives will fall in love with it. There are different types of marble stones available in the market. Most of them are looks so amazing but it is not necessary that you will buy the best stone for your premises so easily.

Installing a marble floor in your house is a great way to furnish your house. It changes the look of your home completely. That is why it is important to consider a few vital things before purchasing it. Here are the tips that you keep in mind when buying marble for your space.

  1. Variety: Marble is a kind of stone that comes in different colors and vein patterns. Every slab is unique. You can decide whether you want the floor to shine or not. If you want a glamorous shiny look, go for a polished marble. Polished marble is a little bit difficult to maintain as compared to honed marble. Honed marble is not gone through the polishing process.
  2. Maintenance: Marble requires special care. You may sweep on a daily basis, but you have to mop the floor daily with water and stone cleansers. Do not use acidic cleaning products. It will leave scratches on your smooth surfaces. Also, avoid harsh scrubbers. Harsh products can be discoloring the floor over time. Marble tends to stain easily, regular moping will make the floor shiny and it also helps to maintain the texture.
  3. Physical Features: It is vital that you check the stone for stains and cracks before buying it. Artificially colored stones are also available in the market. Make sure the slab you are going to purchase is free from stains and cracks. Artificial colored stones start fading soon after installation. Do research before buying it or get ideas from your family members and friends.
  4. Determine Your Budget: The actual price of marble stones and the process of installation vary from place to place. The total budget of the whole process including purchasing and installation depends on you. There are a few factors that can affect your wallet such as the size of the slab, design, sealing, and fitting. Before making any decision, do your homework.

Bottom Line

A beautiful marble floor enhances the value of your property. It is a popular flooring choice due to its distinctive veined appearance. And the main fact of its popularity is that marble comes in different colors, grades, and finishes. If you are looking for efficient marbler flooring services, Cornerstone Refinishing is the right place for you.